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Why Choose Us?  





If you are searching for a way to fill your time and satisfy your need to help others then look no further.  You have found one of the most caring groups of people, who are dedicated to helping those less fortunate than ourselves regardless of the circumstance.  There are over 275 active ESA members in Arkansas who are currently helping the sick, the needy, those serving our country and many others that just need someone to lean on, to talk to and truly listen.  These members are located in 16 chapters in our state…North, South, East and West…we have it covered.  We even have a chapter just outside Memphis, in Collierville, Tennessee.


If you are seeking to expand your knowledge of how things work, who did what, how it was done, when it was done, can it be better, then you have found it.  Perhaps the second most important reason to choose us, is each chapter uses their meetings to educate, not only their membership, but those in the community they serve. Each chapter selects their own educational theme and the members research and present their findings in their monthly meetings.  There is a chapter near you…we have the state covered.


And the old saying “All work and no play…” rings true in ESA so let the fun times begin.   And party we do.  Each chapter throughout the state has socials of every description: treasure hunts, costume contests, dinner feast, cookouts, swimming, fun games.  You name it, we do it…it’s covered. We even have parties at our state meetings!


And how do we manage to do all this and work, raise children, attend school?   Because we love it and it makes all the other stuff worthwhile.  The dedication to ESA and what it stands for is unmatched by any other organization. The love, concern, and devotion we have for our families as well as for others are far reaching…we have the whole state covered.


However, should there not be a chapter in your town, or the next closest town to you, look no further.  We can help you establish a chapter, composed of your friends and family, that will outlast and rival any organization in your town.  We care, we are dedicated and we love it…we promise to have it covered for you!

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